It is important to maintain a healthy work–life balance. And where better than in Luckenwalde, the gateway to the Flaeming-Skate® track – the ideal starting point for a long inline skating, cycling or longboarding tour. Burn off some energy on more than 210 kilometres of the finest tarmac in the beautiful surroundings of the Baruther glacial valley and Niedere Fläming, far removed from the noisy traffic. There is also a large BMX trail for bikers, where you can literally make your mark in the sand with a few jumps, somersaults and twists.

Work up a sweat in the sports and sauna facilities.

Luckenwalde is home to more than 30 sports clubs – from football and handball to gymnastics and judo to triathlon, dancing and diving – which are always on the lookout for new members. And on the subject of diving: you can also dive into the city’s much-loved Fläming-Therme pool, sports and sauna facilities, guaranteeing pure rest and relaxation with its adventure pools, including whirl streams, jacuzzis, great waterslides and a sauna area. And for those who prefer being outdoors in nature: the virtually unspoilt surrounding natural landscape is well worth a visit at any time of year.

Putting the ‘fest’ in festival.

And more! Luckenwalde has so much more to offer: while cinema lovers can look forward to the latest blockbusters at the UNION cinema, theatre-goers can enjoy the wide range of events regularly hosted by the city theatre or attractions such as cryptic and satirical cabaret or jazz and blues at the theatre basement. A festival atmosphere prevails here every June when Luckenwalde celebrates the party of the year – the Luckenwalde Tower Festival. The entire city turns out to enjoy the flair of the fair and enjoy cool live music acts playing across three stages. A wide variety of entertainment is also provided in the form of fixed calendar events such as the Zoo and Marksmen’s Festival (Tierpark- und Schützenfest), Pub Night (Kneipennacht), Auto Mile (Automeile), the Theatre Festival and the Christmas Market.